Illustration: Rebecca Hendin
Fidelity Analyst Survey 2019
22 February 2019
This year's Fidelity Analyst Survey reveals a corporate landscape of retreating confidence and quiet positioning for lower growth. But while the age of optimism might be over for now, recession is not yet upon us. Our research shows opportunities are still out there but investors need to work harder to find them, test them, and think carefully about where they take risk. By aggregating the expert opinions of our team of analysts, this survey provides a unique perspective on the world from the bottom up. Read, listen and watch to find out what we learned. - Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief
Fidelity Analyst Survey 2019: The end of optimism
An overview of the responses to Fidelity's 2019 Analyst Survey points to a slowdown in growth for many industries, but no imminent recession.
Analyst Survey 2019: The Trump bump is over
Corporate concerns about the administration’s approach are mounting, and the net impact on companies is now expected to be negative.
Analyst Survey 2019: China's slowdown, seen from the ground
Sentiment towards China for the year ahead is more downbeat than for other geographies but there are some pockets of brightness.
Sector by sector: Analyst Survey 2019
Across 10 sectors, only healthcare analysts showed an improvement in sentiment from last year.
Analyst Survey 2019: The key findings explained
Fidelity's heads of research evaluate the data from this year's Analyst Survey and show what the findings tell us about the year ahead.
Podcast: Fidelity Analyst Survey 2019
Fidelity's heads of research go in-depth on the findings from this year's Fidelity Analyst Survey.
ESG now pervasive in Europe and growing in China
Environmental, Social and Governance issues (ESG) continue to grow in importance at the companies our analysts cover.