P1680 Artificiata II - Parity by Manfred Mohr
P1680 Artificiata II - Parity by Manfred Mohr

Fixed Income

Fidelity is an active, research-driven manager of fixed income, with over 35 years' experience. Our fixed income solutions stretch across the risk spectrum. Fidelity has long experience in managing portfolios that expand beyond a single bond asset class, customising solutions to meet individual client needs. Our ability to adapt our investment process to meet individual client needs is particularly powerful as markets and requirements evolve.

Competitive advantages

  • A research advantage

    The depth, quality and integration of our global research capabilities enhances our ability to generate performance through all phases of the cycle and deliver additional alpha for our clients. Our integrated team of experienced specialists work together to uncover unique insight and provide better-informed decisions for our clients.

  • A multi-dimensional risk management approach

    Our active, multi-strategy approach brings together a diversified mix of investment ideas into each portfolio. This, combined with our culture of intelligent risk taking, proprietary and leading-edge analytical tools, scenario analysis, stress testing and independent oversight, offers distinct advantages over our competitors.

  • A longer-term view

    The experience and stability of our global investment team supported by our rigorous, repeatable investment process provides reassurance for our clients. This stability is reinforced by our private ownership, which affords a longer-term view in developing our business and aligning our goals with those of our clients.

Our capabilities

  • Global aggregate and corporate bonds
  • Total return and corporate bonds
  • High yield and hybrids securities
  • Emerging market debt
  • Inflation linked bonds
  • Money markets
  • Customised fixed income solutions