Ruffled by Dominic Harris
Ruffled by Dominic Harris

Multi Asset

Our multi-asset team works with clients to create customised investment solutions. The Investment Solutions Design Team are experts in understanding client needs. Our solutions are underpinned with expertise in strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation and manager selection. Founded in the 1980s, the team of 70 has over $48bn of assets under management.

Competitive advantages

  • Outcome-focussed approach

    All multi-asset mandates begin life with a full analysis of the client's desired outcome. The design process leverages the proprietary research and modelling of Fidelity’s Investment Solutions Design team. We look for investment solutions that meet the client need, are efficient in terms of risk, cost and complexity, are innovative and can adapt to evolving needs and changing markets. In essence, we provide solutions, not products.

  • Global breadth of coverage

    We access a vast scope of possible investments to increase the chance of success. We utilise the full range of securities to meet client outcomes; as well as using core equities and fixed income, we invest in alternatives. Our solutions can include both Fidelity-managed and third party strategies.

  • The research-driven process

    One of our most powerful advantages is the scope and power of Fidelity’s research. It runs through all parts of the multi asset approach. We are fervent believers in the power of turning over more stones and applying our own intelligent analysis to gain insight and an investment edge. This research is proprietary and is only used for the benefit of our clients. It runs through the design, asset allocation and selection stages of the multi asset process.

  • Risk-controlled delivery

    Risk-controlled delivery is at the heart of our approach, capturing the upside and controlling the downside. We have a deep understanding of risk, beginning with portfolio managers who measure, balance and control. Our risk approach includes full supervision by the CIO, an independent investment risk oversight committee, investment compliance and operational due diligence teams.

Our capabilities

Our core process consists of solutions design, strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation and manager selection. Within this, our outcomes fall into these broad franchises:

  • Income
  • Volatility Targetted
  • Strategic benchmark
  • Risk rated multi-asset
  • Equity multi-manager
  • Tactical total return
  • Target date / rolldown
  • Open Architecture