Stoyan Nenov
Outlook 2020: Soft landing, earnings returning
19 December 2019
Fidelity International’s outlook for the global economy, equities, fixed income, multi asset and alternatives, Asia and real estate.
Outlook 2020: Soft landing, earnings returning
Full annual outlook for 2020 across all asset classes.
November's Rich Pickings podcast: Outlook 2020 special
This month, Rich Pickings gathers Fidelity's Chief Investment Officers to ask them what investors should be watching for in 2020.
CIO Outlook video: Romain Boscher on Equities
We should avoid an earnings recession. In that scenario, equity markets could go higher and value investing return, but be wary of banks.
CIO Outlook video: Steve Ellis on Fixed Income
With core bond yields likely to remain low, we expect further inflows into areas of fixed income with more attractive yields such as emerging markets debt.
CIO Outlook video: Andrew McCaffery on Multi Asset and Alternatives
Tactical allocations to non-US assets such as emerging markets, alongside alternatives and income plays, could help navigate a switch in market regime.