Illustration: Michael Morgenstern
What difference can active managers make in Sustainable Investing?
15 April 2019
It will come as no surprise to learn that Fidelity thinks that active asset management, especially engaging with companies and issuers instead of excluding them, is an important aspect of Sustainable Investing. Indeed it defines our approach. But what struck me as I reviewed this edition is just how diverse that engagement is, from a first person account on camera from a portfolio manager to some remarkable examples of engagement by our Fixed Income team with sovereign debt issuers that have contributed to change at a governmental level. This is Sustainable Investing in practice - and it’s fascinating. Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief
What it means to pursue an active sustainable investing strategy
ESG is changing the way companies and asset managers engage with each other, resulting in a positive outcome both for investors and society as a whole.
Portfolio Manager Vincent Durel on his corporate engagement
Why Sustainable Investment considerations and corporate engagement have become fundamental to the investment process.
The challenge of investing sustainably in sovereign debt
Engaging with sovereigns is much harder than with companies. But it is well worth the effort for investors and governments.
A sustainable investor’s view on water scarcity in China
China’s water woes represent significant challenges and distinct opportunities for the sustainable investor.
A Sustainable Investing checklist for UK pension trustees
UK pension fund trustees should prepare for tougher legal obligations when new government rules come into force later this year.
Why we're calling it Sustainable Investing, not ESG
The term ‘ESG’ struggles to capture the full scope of stakeholders and the off-spreadsheet areas that an organisation needs to manage.
Podcast: Palm oil, Chinese steel and when the environment triumphs
Environmental pressures are beginning to move the tectonic plates of industry. Fidelity's analysts discuss what it can mean for those sectors at the epicentre
Data is helping to identify the diversity strategies that work
The approach to diversity is starting to shift away from random, box-ticking initiatives to a systematic, increasingly sophisticated, evidence-based journey.