Illustration: Harry Harrison
Why should I reconsider my allocation to Asia?
9 July 2018

Why doesn’t Asia's prominence in portfolios match its financial might? Asia powers more than a third of the world’s economy but makes up only a fifth of world stock and bond indices. From the stock-picker’s undiscovered gems in China to the diversification offered by a mature economy such as Japan, our team of experts offers readers their insight. Why should you reconsider Asia? Here, Fidelity Answers.

Rethinking Asia allocations: The investment world's distorted view
Many global investors outside Asia are playing catch up with the region's structural potential even if risks and market valuations cannot be ignored.
Asia is not a monolith. Be selective to capture value.

Asset managers need to be more selective in where and how they invest in Asia if they want to continue capturing value.

Podcast: Why should I reconsider my allocation to Asia?

Could you be overlooking investment opportunities in Asia? Fidelity's experts discuss the best way to gain exposure to the region.

For and against China as a standalone allocation

Given its under-representation in traditional indices for both equity and fixed income - should investors focus on China separately?

What MSCI inclusion means for China's biggest soy sauce manufacturer

Companies like Haitian will be opened up to a broader, deeper and more international shareholder base.

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Charting the shifting balance of economic power from the West to the East.