Illustration: Harry Harrison
Why should I reconsider my allocation to Asia?
9 July 2018

Why doesn’t Asia's prominence in portfolios match its financial might? Asia powers more than a third of the world’s economy but makes up only a fifth of world stock and bond indices. From the stock-picker’s undiscovered gems in China to the diversification offered by a mature economy such as Japan, our team of experts offers readers their insight. Why should you reconsider Asia? Here, Fidelity Answers.

Podcast: Why should I reconsider my allocation to Asia?

How and why to gain exposure to the region.

For and against China as a standalone allocation

Given its under-representation in traditional indices for both equity and fixed income - should investors focus on China separately?

What MSCI inclusion means for China's biggest soy sauce manufacturer

Companies like Haitian will be opened up to a broader, deeper and more international shareholder base.

The spectacular rise of Asia in 12 charts

Charting the shifting balance of economic power from the West to the East.